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Healthcare at Home:
Revolutionizing your
Healthcare Experience

From the safety and comfort of your home, WellCent is with you 

We're tranforming the way you experience medical care by bringing it right to your doorstep. Experience the future of healthcare with WellCent Healthcare at Home. Say goodbye to germ-infested waiting rooms and hello to instant access to medical expertise.

The WellCent Difference

WellCent Inc. Healthcare at Home is designed with your

safety, convenience, and ease of use in mind.

See Your Doctor From Home

Why travel to the doctor's office when the doctor can come to you? With WellCent Healthcare at Home, you can conveniently schedule and attend telehealth doctor's appointments that fit your busy lifestyle.

Community Support

 Stay active and engaged with our in-person classes specially designed for your well-being.  Access our comprehensive collection of free and verified online health resources, right at your fingertips.

Track Your Metrics

Always know where you stand. With our cutting-edge technology, all your vital readings are seamlessly integrated into your doctor's electronic health record.

What We Offer


Concierge Kiosk

Our innovative Concierge kiosk seamlessly integrates essential health monitoring devices, including a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, ECG monitor, stethoscope, and a connected scale. These devices upload your vital health data in real-time to your dedicated healthcare provider.


Virtual Doctor Visits

Say goodbye to the hassles of commuting, long waiting times, and crowded waiting rooms. With WellCent Inc. Healthcare at Home, you can schedule and attend virtual doctor's appointments from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


Healthy Living Resources

Be empowered with the knowledge and information to make informed decisions about your health. WellCent Inc. offers a range of in-person and online classes led by healthcare professionals. We also provide free validated resources to keep you up to date with the latest medical innovations.

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